Turnpike Wesleyan Church

2224 Military Turnpike, Plattsburgh, New York 12901

A place to call HOME!




Events Snapshots:

If you are looking for a church family where you can make new friends, be encouraged and find fulfillment ... Turnpike Wesleyan just might be the place for you.

If you have a prayer need or concern, don't hesitate to e-mail us at pastornorm@tpkewc.org. Your prayer requests opens the door, and God is waiting patiently on the other side of that door, at all times, in all situations, to join with you.


We are a church that is:

*centered around worship

*built on friendships

*a place where you can grow spiritually

*reaching out to our community

*a place where family matters

*committed to helping others

*desiring to be Relevent and Reverent!

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Helping you along life's journey 

We are committed to helping you discover a deeply satisfying, personal relationship with God. We make it a priority to provide constant encouragement for those seeking to enjoy a life that is spiritually and abundantly full.

A place where family matters

We work with parents, teens and children to provide a sound foundation based on Biblical values and morals. We provide a family atmosphere for singles, adults and men and women who are looking for a sense of belonging.  

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Join us on Sunday mornings at 8:45 am & 10:30 am

Our vision for the future:


Family Life Center


Night Out:

Game Night

April 21

Best Years' Fellowship Pot Luck Luncheon

12:00 pm

April 8


the Son

Community Event and volunteer opportunity 

11:00 am

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April 1

April 10

Ladies' Fellowship Supper

5:30 pm

Ground Round

April 14


Prayer Breakfast

7:30 am


April 14

Good Friday Services

EMA Service - Noon

Nazarene Church

Turnpike's service with Communion:

6:00 pm